School Portraits Picture Day in NYC by The School Photo Company / AMC PHOTO Inc.


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Most of the school picture companies use the same units for their packages with just few exceptions. We will put exceptions in BLUE COLOR

Unit 10  1 - 8x10 Photo Calendar

Unit 11.  1 - 8x10 Reflection Portrait Color

Unit 12  1 - 8x10 Reflection Portrait Sepia

Unit 13.  1 - 8x10 Portrait Sepia

Unit 14  1 - 8x10 Portrait B & W

Unit 15  2 - 4x8  Greeting Cards

Unit 16  1 - 8x10 Double Portrait 

Unit 17  24 Mini Wallets 1.25x1.75 on 24 backgrounds   

​Unit 18  12 2x3 Super Wallets on 12 backgrounds

Unit 19  Super CD - Hi Res Image on 12+ backgrounds

1. All Teachers & Staff pictured receive two (2) free individual 5x7 portraits OR any other unit and free 8x10 class pictures 

2. Great sales on our packages and Add-Ons

(buy 1 package get ALL other paclkages and items at 50% off)

3. Add-ons can be purchased without a package purchase

4. Free Packages for picture day coordinators

5. Free Packages for students with exellent attandance OR academic excellence

6. Our order form is also available in multiple languages English, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Hebrew

School pictures package content can be changed by school. Every UNIT in ANY package can be replaced with other UNIT 1-24 except Unit 19.

 The School Photo Company Special - UNIT 30: 2-3x5, 2 Jumbo Wallets Pictures ,

                                                                          2  Regular Wallets Pictures   and

                                                                          4  Mini Wallets 1.25x1.75 Pictures for key chains 

The School Photo Company Special - UNIT 31:   4  acrylic ultra clear plastic 2 side key chains  

The School Photo Company Special - UNIT 32:   2 - 3x5 Portraits  with Date on Magnet

The School Photo Company Special - UNIT 33:   1 - 7x5 Portrait with Date  on Magnet 

The School Photo Company Special - UNIT 34:   4 - 2,5x3.5 Wallet Portraits   on Magnet

The School Photo Company Special - UNIT 35:   9 pictures laminated died cut  BIG Fun Pack