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 Our Preschool has been very lucky to be working with this company for over five years. They are comfortable working with students as young as three months old. My own child was only 5 months old when she took her class photo. They came out beautifully. They photographed over 200 students in the span of two days with ease. We switched companies last fall to try something different and in no way, shape or form did the quality match that of AMC Photos. We will not make that mistake again! If you are looking for a reliable company they are the best. David was speedy with the return of our student's photos and the parents were pleased. We will continue to use them for all of our photo needs in the future.

​Sabrina Kroski, Educational Director, Preschool of America 06/18/2016

1.     Dear David. You photographed our school children again. Your photographers were patient and most kind to the students. Servicing special education students is not easy.
Sincerely yours,

Susanna Mendoza, Assistant Principal. The Shield Institute. Bronx Early Learning Center. August 13, 2010

2.     You guys did a great job again...the pictures have come out great...

Caroline D'Souza, Preschool of America, 10/29/2010

​​3.     As the Assistant Principal I would like to thank your company (specifically David and other team members) for their professionalism.  I have worked in this school for 25 years and this year was the most organized picture day EVER.
Once again, thank you for your help in making our picture day such a success.
Colleen Carney, A.P., Henry D. Woodworth School, Brooklyn, NY, November 17, 2010

​4.    Hi,
David was such a pleasure meeting and working with you Friday during the PDS school picture day!  There have already been many 
compliments about how patient and thorough you and second photographer were during the taking of the children's pictures.
I have spoken with the parents of the 2-3 children whom you were having the most difficulty getting a photo of.  I expressed to them 
that you had tried to take several pictures of their child and that if they were not happy with the image that you choose for their 
package that you would be willing to make all the images of their child available for preview Online  and they could choose a different one if they felt it necessary to do so.  They were happy to hear this and said they would wait and see how the pictures turned out and let me know afterwards
DaNElle Mulvey , PTA President, Philosophy Day School 10/11/2010​

​5.    We looked all over the Internet and couldn't find a lower price. We was pleasantly surprised when our picture day was finished in just 3 hours, photographers was really patient with our kids. All photographs was delivered Professionally Packaged, and 
was the same or even better quality that we been buying from the name brand National Photographers at a much higher price (more then double).
Thanks AMC you are going to be our regular supplier for our all school photography needs.
Parent Coordinator:     Christina Hernandez ,   PS 152 BRONX, 10/02/2007

​6.     "We really doubted that we can get quality pictures and such a good service at this price. Not anymore. Thank you and good luck."
Christina Hernandez, Parent Coordinator, PS 152X, Bronx, NY, 11/15/2008

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