School Portraits Picture Day in NYC by The School Photo Company / AMC PHOTO Inc.


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schedule presentation or/and school picture day with our company  now

Principal / PTA / PTO can use School Picture day as fund raising opportunity.

Please schedule appointment or phone or SKYPE consultation  with one of our staff fund raising specialists to discuss it.  Our simple fund raising programs based only on one parameter - total amount of sales. We will not play you with "UP TO XX %" based on HOW MANY PARENTS PAID for packages or " you will get more % if you restrict parent choices to ONE PACKAGE deals on ONE background with no class pictures".

We will try to maximize sale in your school every year.

First year it can be hard especially if you lost parents confidence that they will get high quality products. Happens if the quality of photography service company was not good in previous year(s). Usually we sell more pictures then any other professional photography company in NYC based on great selection of high quality pictures provided by our experienced photographers and our company inventory, aggressive pricing plans and variety of school coupons and discounts. Huge selection of backgrounds (600+) and poses (20+).
Most of the parents can afford to buy 2 or even 3 pose packages, siblings and family portraits right in the school and save a trips to photo studios or mall. What it means for you - delighted parents and more money for your programs. 

We will reward ALL students in the class with biggest sale. 

Fund Raising from School Picture Day Money