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School Photos in New York

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2020-2021 School year Picture Day Special -

Free Packages for families in need!


We offer 3 types of services

1) PREPAID system  -    prices

2) PREPAID / PROOFING system   - prices

3) PROOFING system   -  prices

In general - prices for the PREPAID system are 10-20% cheaper than for the PROOFING and PREPAID / PROOFING systems.

1) The PREPAID system is much easier to handle by the school - most of the job is done by well-trained photographers teams. We provide unconditional FREE Absentee/Retake picture day for every school we serve with this system.

PREPAID system - preferable for Elementary and Middle schools, the only choice for Prom, Sport and Summer Camp pictures

2) PREPAID / PROOFING system - an excellent choice for Schools with strong PA/PTA/PTO that have extra time to work with orders and are willing to give parents the choice to choose their images for a package(s) paid for. Have a proven record that it's much easier to handle by school personnel than the old-style PROOFING system. Easily handles orders  "LOST PROOFS" issues that cause huge delays in all school pictures delivery for old PROOFING SYSTEM.

3) PROOFING system - recommended being used only for Schools with strong PA/PTA/PTO, for High School Seniors, small (up to 200 students)  schools, dance schools, nursery schools.  Please allow at least 2 weeks for package delivery delays caused by misplaced by students and/or parents proofs pictures