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Preschool Photography 

School Portraits Picture Day in NYC by The School Photo Company / AMC PHOTO Inc.

The School Photo Company / AMC Photo inc.

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Preschool Photography

Young children are full of joy. At this stage in their young lives they're always learning new things, sensing new emotions and smiling along the way. 

The School Photo Company Play and Shoot Style Photography captures that

Happiness in extreme detail because this beautiful age

doesn't last for long. 

Time flies, we get older, and so do they, but our pictures

will last a lifetime and keep you reminded about how you

were as a child,  and the joy you experienced for generations 

to come.

We use proofing or prepaid/proofing system that lets

parents to chose from multiple pictures of their children

the few that they like most right now. And we keep ALL

pictures in the system for 10+ more years in case if they

need other ones later on.

Same approach we use for Head Shot, Commercial and Weddings Photography.

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