How to Look Nice For Picture Day 
Tips for a successful K-11 school picture day
    There is something special about daycare/preschool picture day. These types of pictures actually get printed out and framed! Here are some tips so you can be ready for your picture day.

1.   If you are going to be at the preschool for the picture, maybe you can think about what your child should wear. For instance, you can bring clothes to school and make sure your child changes their clothes, comb their hair, and so on. When it’s time for your child to pose, try to fade into the background and let your child be natural for the picture.

If you won’t be with your child at daycare for the picture, you can prepare your child prepare for your child at home. For instance:

2.   Prepare an outfit that will look good throughout the day without needing to take care of it as much. Fancy and scratchy are out; comfortable and stain-free are in.

3.   Have a hairstyle that won’t get ruined too quickly and that it won’t need too much attention. You can count on the photographer to make some combing attempts but to be honest; you don’t really want him to.

 4.     Make sure your child has lunch foods that don’t stain. That’s a good idea, especially for picture day!

How to get your child to wear a nice outfit for school picture day:

5.      Try the “alternative choice” sales strategy when it comes to choosing an outfit to wear. Choose two or three options before picture day and then let your child make the final decision. This will make your child feel like they made a choice, and in reality they did!

6.     As picture day comes closer, explain to your child all they need to know, to make it an exciting and fun day. By doing this confidence will build up in your child at that is perfect for a picture.

7.       Clothing & Toys. Make sure your child has their clothes ready for them the night before. If you would want to customize the photo your child may bring one of their toys. (put link here) to coordinate with your backgrounds.

8.       Backgrounds. To have a wonderful photo, the School Photo Company offers multiple poses and backgrounds for preschool portraits. (put link here)

9.         Clothing Suggestions. Clean and wrinkle-free clothing is the best way to go.
Busy patterns are not recommended in a picture; try more of solid colors or very simple patterns. Softer shades look much better with lighter backgrounds. It’s best to have shirts without slogans, the words maybe cut off. Long or three quarter sleeves are the best option for picture day.Socks and  shoes look better when matched with the outfit.

Useful Advice: 

Don’t take picture day very seriously. Photos that are not perfect actually turn out to be really good ones. 

Tips for a successful Senior Picture day - NEXT

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