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How to Prepare For a High School Pictures

Do you have bad memories of picture day? Do you want to feel more confident about it? Well, find out how by looking at the instructions below, this should really help you have an excellent picture day.

1.   Preparing for Picture Day Start taking care of your face the week before. Clean faces are really good for pictures so start cleaning every night, and if you have a way of dealing with acne for you than do it. I think we both want a nice clear face.

2.   Prepare what you will wear! On picture day mornings don’t just get the first thing you find. Prepare an outfit that really works for you! We really suggest for clothes with non-busy patterns, or then it will take all of the in the picture. Wearing solid colors is a really good idea.

3.   Practice. How do you want your smile to look like?  Where your eyes should be looking? How do you want to pose? Before picture day practice for the smile you want. Real smiles look better than phony ones. Remember something really funny that once made you laugh, or a happy memory that makes you smile,

 4.   Practice your makeup. Make sure you know what looks on your face best, and try it out the night before. Ask someone who is very critical about how the makeup looks, so you can get the best advice and have a perfect look. Also, check how long it takes to apply the makeup, so you know how much time you will need in the morning. Add another five minutes just in case something happens.

5.   Make sure you have all the sleep you need the night before. Dark circles don’t look pretty in pictures.

6.    Wake up earlier than you usually do on picture day. Waking up earlier helps you have much more time to get ready in the morning. If you are rushed you won’t feel as confident as you should be in pictures and confidence is needed.

7.    Take a shower, do your hair, and makeup.  Being clean is a great way to feel better about you which means more confidence.

8.    Hair should be brushed and combed. When you comb your hair it makes it look really neat. If you want to style your hair in any way, put it on the other side. Because if you like your hair on a specific side put it on the other side since the camera has a mirror effect.

 9.    Applying some deodorant is a great idea. You don’t want sweat marks in your photo.

10.   Change into your picture day outfit. Wear clothes that you picked out for picture day. Bring a small mirror to school. Before the photo session make sure your teeth are clean and your hair are nice


Preparation For Picture Day (students/parents )

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