High quality photos and videos for family members make the best gifts for decades to come. We use same lenses, cameras, and lighting as upscale Manhattan studios. Sure you can spend hundreds of dollars and few hours there. Do you really need it? Try The School Photo Company service first. We deliver high quality pictures to schools  in NYC. Traditional prints on KODAK paper, pictures and barcodes on plastic ID cards, pictures on magnets,  High resolution images by e-mail, text messages, on DVD's and on CD's,  Movies on DVD's, and YOUTUBE

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  Would you like to serve more students this year and improve your fund raising program? Reduce the amount of calls that you receive form parents about Picture Day,
Well we have a solution, click on the links on the top and find out an easy step by step process on how to prepare for your picture day. This is an easy way for parents to know exactly what they need to do in the easiest way possible, so then you don't get caught at the phone all day answering parent's questions. Click on the arrows above representing what you should do 4 weeks, 2, weeks, 1 week, and 3 days prior to the Picture Day, it will take you to a page which says the easy steps that you should follow in order to have an amazing smooth picture day and great fund raising event. 

Preparation For Picture Day

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