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Please schedule you graduation picture day well in advance. We start to take graduation pictures for yearbooks at the end of August. At least reserve the date as soon as you finish to do your school calendar and let us know your choice of cap and gown colors for your school this year.. We have almost all color in stock but supply is limited. So it's possible that we will need time to order caps and gowns for your School Graduation Picture day. It takes sometimes a long time to receive.

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schedule presentation or/and school  portraits picture day with our company  now

The School Photo Company / AMC Photo inc.

NYC DOE  Vendor # AMC1000

Contact Us to schedule Picture Dayschedule presentation or/and school picture day with our company  now

Any colors: Cap, Gown,

Tasse, Hood

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Any colors: Cap, Gown,

Tasse, Hood

Full package $40

Without 10 wallets $35

Without magnets $30

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