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Q. Why chose AMC PHOTO for our school photography and yearbook needs?
A. We compared our service with few major photography companies serving NY area using simple method: you can find here reference on their most recent procedures and prices published online as Frequently Asked Questions and compared them with our procedures, prices, fundraising  and turnaround times. We commented only  on procedures because Prices, fundraising  and turnaround times - we can easily much or beat simply because we can print most of the products IN HOUSE same day.

Sent: Thursday, November 5, 2015 3:51 PM
Subject: Form Submission - Contact - Payment
Your Name: Nina Rosado
School's Name: PS 105 Blythebourne
Subject: Payment

 I noticed that I can pay online. Do you also take checks?

Hey Nina
Yes we do accept checks.
But if it will bounce - we will put on hold ALL school orders - till parent pay us online order cost +$12
bank fee for returned check.

All the best,

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you place my great individual picture on an ID card? yes, we can print it in house.

I received MY individual pictures. They are great. Can you place it on an ID card. I use my school photo ID to get store discounts.
Thank you
Kim Cusick
Education Director
Star America Preschool
880 60th Street
Brooklyn, New York
p: 718-431-2545
f: 718-431-2546

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