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Q. I received the flyers today for Senior pictures and. I have a question.  The Senior Portraits Tier Program, Senior Deluxe says sitting fee plus $10, does that mean that it is $30?  I thought they were already getting cap & gown, yearbook attire pictures taken.

A. Hey Natasha,

The card you received for the students is our standardized card for High Schools. 
The sitting fee will be $20 - $20 of that will go towards the purchase of any package or single item.

Now to answer your question:
The $10 for the Deluxe Senior is for Glam Shots - most schools don’t do it. Basically, when a student wants to take some extra pictures just for fun (on top of the tux/drape & cap/gown pictures)
if the school allows students to take these photos, we usually charge $10 for these extra Glam Shots and it is not refundable and doesn’t go towards any package. 
(examples: pictures with money, pictures in various different outfits, pictures with friends & family, with favorite accessories etc...)
Most schools don’t allow it, but if they do and the kids want to pay an extra $10 to take extra photos, it is possible.

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