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12.  to enable students to learn the responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy, emphasizing participation in global, national, and community affairs through practical curricula and co-curricular activities in the social sciences;

13.  to enhance the capabilities of the staff by setting expectations and by providing opportunities for growth through professional development and other  experiences;

14.  to foster greater community understanding and support by encouraging citizen involvement in school activities and programs;

15.  to provide a safe and orderly environment conducive to the learning process.Type your paragraph here.

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Public Schools Philosophy 

1.  to enable students to grow academically, socially, and emotionally by encouraging them to accept responsibility and to understand the consequences of their decisions;

2.  to provide students with opportunities to master basic skills essential to competent functioning in society, including the ability to read, write, listen, and speak and view proficiently; to understand basic mathematical concepts; and to acquire a general knowledge of the sciences;

3.  to enable students to apply knowledge, problem-solving techniques, creativity, and current technology from the various disciplines to the challenges presented by our changing society and physical environment;

4.  to enable students to pursue independent thought and research through both assigned and self-initiated projects;

5.  to enable students to explore the world’s cultural heritage through experiences which help to broaden social awareness;

6.  to provide curricular and co-curricular activities which will give students the opportunity to grow aesthetically, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially through interaction with others;

7.  to provide appropriate programs and services for students with special intellectual, physical, and emotional needs;

8.  to enable students to develop aesthetic appreciation through integral experiences in art, music, science, literature, and languages;

9.  to enable students to develop as healthy individuals by providing life skills through  health and physical education programs and health services;

10.  to enable students to develop personal and vocational skills through appropriate grade level experiences in foreign language, practical, and technical arts;

11.  to enable students to meet their academic, personal, social, emotional, and vocational needs through guidance, counseling, and special services;