School Portraits Picture Day in NYC by The School Photo Company / AMC PHOTO Inc.


The School Photo Company / AMC Photo inc.

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NYC DOE Vendor #AMC1000

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The school  photography company NYC DOE # AMC1000.  School photo packages and individual pictures at Prices You Can Afford.

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1. Unconditional 60 days Money Back Guarantee.

No questions asked.

2. Free 30 day replacement of lost or stolen on the way home school photo packages given to the minors.

3. All received e-mails answered within 24 hours

4. All packages delivered to schools within 10 days after confirmation to print received.

5. All extra information, pictures etc. - delivered to school ASAP.

6. Free reprints of ANY available pictures requested by current client/partner school.. 

7. Provide resources to keep all pictures taken by Company photographers for 10+ years available for reprinting. 

Our company policies

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