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Welcome to our Favorite Backgrounds gallery

These backgrounds are chosen the most by our costumers to express themselves. Have you ever wished that you would be in a different place at the moment or that a magician would come and zap you away into the place of your dreams. Well thats what The School Photo Company does.  Our school pictures can take you and place you into a whole new location like Paris, or the beach where ever you choose to go. We have a great selections of backgrounds or shall I say places to go to with out even moving a finger. The School Photo Company also have different categories of backgrounds such as: Library, Preschool, Nature, Holiday, Studio, City, and Patriotic backgrounds which you can choose from.

​Every school can choose up to 9 different poses and backgrounds based on their preferences in addition to 12 backgrounds preprinted on form.

 Favorite Backgrounds

 Favorite Backgrounds​

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