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Today, our company sits well as one of the the leading school photography companies in the NYC. We are constantly innovating our approach to photography and constantly upgrade and expand all of our photography equipment and software so that our customers are always satisfied and keep coming back year after year. You can read some of the testimonials here.

Well known in the NYC, NY Metropolitan Area, Long Island and Westchester, Professional School Photography Company AMC Photo Inc., is owned and operated by professional photographers and designers with over 25 years of experience. We photograph children, seniors and adults with excellent portrait lighting on your location as well as in our studios   and have extraordinary lab with state-of-the-art printing and laminating equipment to process images on high grade Kodak  or Fuji paper which lasts a lifetime.

School Photos in New York

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Our commitment to customer service is important above all. It begins the day that you choose the School Photo Company as your school’s photography provider. We are committed to providing you with the fastest and friendliest customer service.

Our company is also one of  the most dependable company in the industry. We store all of our pictures taken in the past 10+ years in our huge database servers and can retrieve them in seconds. Many times we have received requests from families and schools who wanted their children’s pictures from many years ago. This makes our company truly dependable for many years to come.

We're a highly-qualified, professional photography company servicing community for almost 3 decades. We're known for our quality, patience of our staff photographers, generous packages, affordable school prices, competitive fundraising programs, 24x7x365 friendly E-mail Customer Support.

NYC DOE Vendor #AMC1000

We service the New York Metropolitan Area ( Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, & Brooklyn), as well as Long Island and Westchester. 

In order to make sure that all of the students photographed in our schools can afford to get their pictures, we offer the best competitive prices for all of our packages. Additionally, schools can choose from a variety of different packages which accommodate the needs of their respective students. FREE packages for families who can not afford to pay at all available.

Our School Pictures Are Terrific! 


We Pledge To The Parents:

​Their child will be properly groomed and posed.

The photographer is not rushed.

Attractive backgrounds and props are used.

A choice of picture packages and single items are available.

A choice of backgrounds are available.

That they are properly notified about picture day well in advance.

We Pledge To The School Administrators:

Parents are satisfied with the quality of the portraits and service they receive.

The school day is interrupted as little as possible.

Photographic services are available to assist the school administration.

School personnel are not required to assist in the photography process.

The portraits are delivered in a timely manner.

Optional services - high quality yearbook and ID cards available at minimal or no cost.

The school  photography company NYC DOE # AMC1000.  School photo packages and individual pictures at Prices You Can Afford.

School Portraits Picture Day in NYC by The School Photo Company / AMC PHOTO Inc.

The School Photo Company / AMC Photo inc.