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Here are a few things offered by AMC PHOTO .
-  Fall, Back to school Portraits, Holiday Pictures
-  Spring Portraits
-  Full Class Photos, Grade Pictures, All school pictures
-  ID Cards and Badges
-  Free PTA and staff photo packages

-  Free school picture packages for students with Academic Excellence

-  Free school picture packages for families in need

-  Photo Retouching

   For our school customers we also provide services

-  Family picture days

-  Sports and Event Photography
-  Special Events "Photo Booth" services

​-  Professional Dance Photography

We also offer a considerable amount of service items including;
-  Student ID Cards
-  Badges
-  Class composites, grade picture composites
-  CD's of High Resolution images on different backgrounds
-  Student Recognition Certificates
-  And much more.

Our Photographs Are Magnificent!

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The School Photo Company / AMC Photo inc.

.Local Lab
AMC PHOTO is based in Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY  less than 0.2 miles away from our state of the art school photo lab.  
This ensures fast turnaround time for your school pictures.  Working in such close proximity to our lab provides significant advantages including customized school products specific to your school, a close relationship with the lab to review processing procedures and lower costs.  There is also significant cost savings by having a local school photographer with a local lab right here in new York.  We do not have to pay the shipping costs other companies have with labs across the country.

Studio Quality School Pictures
At AMC, we only hire true, professional school photographers who then go through our intense school photography training program before they are ready to work at an AMC school picture day.  Our professional staff will provide everything you need from the moment you choose AMC for your school pictures until the day the final products are delivered.  While some people only think of AMC as a New York City school 
photographer, we service all of NY state, as well as some parts of New Jersey,

schedule presentation or/and school picture day with our company  now