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High quality photos and videos for family members make the best gifts for decades to come. We use same lenses, cameras, and lighting as upscale Manhattan studios. Sure you can spend hundreds of dollars and few hours there. Do you really need it? Try The School Photo Company service first. We deliver high quality pictures to schools  in NYC. Traditional prints on KODAK paper, pictures and barcodes on plastic ID cards, pictures on magnets,  High resolution images by e-mail, text messages, on DVD's and on CD's,  Movies on DVD's, and YOUTUBE

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The School Photo Company

​​​​​​​​​​​​​   Schools, would like you to reduce the amount of calls that you receive from parents about School Portraits Picture Day. Well, The School Photo Company has a solution. Click on the link below and find out an easy step by step process on how to prepare for your school picture day. This is an easy way for parents to know exactly what they need to do in the easiest way possible, so then you don't get caught at the phone all day answering parent's questions.


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schedule presentation or/and school portraits picture day with our company  now. School pictures nyc, we do school pictures nyc, to find us type school pictures nyc, or type 

Customer Support Team

Three generation of photographers The School Photo Company

The school photography company NYC DOE # AMC1000.  School photo packages and individual pictures at Prices You Can Afford. We do professional photography of senior portraits in New york, We also do high school senior photographer in New York

     prepare for picture  day

   The School Photo Company is a family owned local professional school photography company. We're known in NYC for our high quality school pictures, vast selection of products, affordable  prices,  generous  photo  packages,  friendly e-mail customer service, patient photographers competitive fund raising, fast turnaround time. 

Four generation of photographers served community. Three - in the field now.  Highest requests to the quality of photography, quality of design and quality of e-mail customer service.

​​​​​​​​​    Q. "I just received the order form with 12 small pictures attached for my son from his school. How do I make an order if I want to get his uniform and few different pose dressed up pictures on different backgrounds you offer? 

A. Cut and attach to standart A4 paper pictures you like to get and write next to them backgrounds and packages. Put it inside the order envelope along with exact payment and write on it MULTIPOSE order.

Use coupons to calculate final price - you can save up to 50% on your total


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​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​By reading our reviews you will get an idea behind our community service:

"Our School has been using The School Photo Company., for over 15 years. The service that they provide is excellent. Any concerns get addressed quickly. The prices are good and the photo quality is magnificent! "- Nidya Rios. NYL West School.


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